Thursday, June 9, 2011

passion for craft

There is something about craft that appealed to me right from the SUPW classes in school to numerous visits to the handicraft melas each time one was in the town. And guess what  stumbled upon a cool store that provides the perfect experience of buying handicrafts just like any physical mela thanks to multiple pictures of the product, a very apt description and great indexing.
I fell in love with the site and visit the site everyday to find out what is new! And I am sure there are many more like me. Why dont you try for yourself and visit For the ones more inclined towards the social network can link with them on facebook too at
I am sure you would be pleasantly surprised by their prompt service and committment to quality.
Have a good time shopping and feel good about having done something good.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Koramangala has always been the mecca for foodies and this new place is definately the talk of the town.
We were pleasantly surprised with the variety of vegetarian fare available in this asian-food restaurant. They had a dim sum festival going on so it was the flavour of the season. We are not big dimsum fans though so did not check out the special dimsum menu.
On the regular menu we chose- Nasi Goreng (indonesian style rice- pic attached), Dragon Noodles (shanghai style noodles with spinach and chilly did not find it very spicy though) and eight treasure tofu ( Tofu, Bamboo shoot, Bell Pepper, Shitake, Pokchoy, Water chestnuts, cherry tomatoes & spring onions are the eight treasures stir-fried in mild sesame-soya sauce. A P!ng signature).
We were spoilt for choice and everything we chose was excellent...specially nasi Goreng. The portions are good so we were stuffed till the neck and still had food left on the table.
The place is a little expensive as compared to other asian-food restaurants in vicinity but it wins on authenticity and service. A must visit for people looking for authentic taste and new varieties.
No 130, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Landmark: Behind Sukh Sagar
Phone: 41521773

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Amazing is the terms of taste, experience, everything! We thought of giving this place a try after getting repeated good reviews from friends as well as internet in general.
We made reservations in advance since we were told that the place is small and very very busy. We found a corner table arranged for us with a baby chair ready.The ambience was great too...very creatively done with music as the background.
The menu is pretty interesting too..and offers decent options for veggies too.
We ordered a veg chimichanga for starters and also a woodstolk platter. The chimichanga was excellent  and very very filling. The platter was ok ( our son loved the cheese stick like thing which had an interesting name that I have forgotten now).
As we enjoyed the starters, our toddler enjoyed the company of their freiendly staff, broke a plate and had fun with pebbles that were used for decoration. We loved the food and the service too. For main course we had a veg sizzler and calzone. The sizzler was totally out of the of the best I have ever had. The calzone was good as well..though a little over on cheese and less of veggies.
The meal ended with a sizzling dessert which was the perfect end to a perfect meal.
The place is moderately priced and I would consider it to be great value of money considering the portions, service and taste. The sizzler is a must try!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tunday Kababi

A no frills place claiming to live up to the rich heritage associated with Tunday ke kabab from lucknow. The menu is short and has 3-4 options in chicken, mutton and veg.
Since it was raining hard and radio announced that trees were getting uprooted in many parts of the town we decided to take a take-away. We had a small order since were just taking it as snacks and not a full meal. We ordered mutton seekh kabab and half plate tunday kabab. The tunday kababs were ready in like 2 mins but the seekh kababs were no where in sight. The staff informed us that since everything was being made fresh it would take 15-20 minutes to get seekh kabab. Since we were in a hurry we settled for gelawati kababs instead, another mutton preparation. For those who have never heard of gelawati kababs , please google and get some insights. We did not order biryani or parathas but saw some other people being served parathas and they looked yummy and filling.
We got very hungry on the way back home and opened the pack of gelawati kababs in the car itself. They simply melted in the mouth and were very very rich in flavour a bit spicy though. The prices are a little high for a no frills joint but the gelawati kababs are worth a try!

Tunday kababi
Above lazeez restaurant
Kormangala 5th block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Landmark: Near Paramount hotel
Phone: 9731553030


It was one of those days when i am not really watching my weight so we walked into cakewalk at koramangala. we were regulars at the indiranagar joint and were pleasantly surprised to see a cakewalk outlet in koramangala.

They have been in the business for more than 20 years and all their stuff is simply superb. I am more a fan of their pies than of the pastries. they have some excellent snacks to go for in case u are not in mood of eating something sweet.

On this particular day we had the tried and tested apple pie and a date and walnut pie. The next order was for pineapple fantacy and oreo cheese cake. needless to say everything was excellent and the service was great too. Most pieces are priced around rs. 50 and are quite filling.

They have not started home delivery yet but should be operational in few weeks.

make sure you walk in for a quick bite when you are in koramangala next time.
437, 8th Main, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034
P : +91 80 41463329 / +91 80 41463169

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Juice Junction

This tiny place in koramangala has been a favourite amongst the health conscious as well as sandwich lovers. The service is fast and as courteous as you can expect in a street joint. The menu comprises of shakes, juices, sandwiches and fruit chaat. Everything is very modestly priced with thje costliest item costing around rs. 35. My favourite at this place is the fruit grilled sandwich which I have never heard of elsewhere. And there is always a arabian grape juice to go with it. They offer a variety of mushroom sandwiches as well which is again not so common at other places. Surely recommended for a quick bite!
Juice Junction
KHB Block, Koramangala

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This place little ahead of marthalli junction is not a new place and has been a favourite from last 4 years. It offers Dosas, chaats and corner house stuff. It is a typical food court and expect it to be jam packed on weekends. The corner house needs no introduction and most foot falls at outpost are for ice creams, shakes and other innovations from corner house.
The dosas here are amazing though the wait after taking the token seems to be forever. There would be at least a dozen people peeping thru the window that shows the kitchen and waiting for their orders anxiously. It is a pleasure to see the cooks in action.
It is surely value for money and a good hang out for non-fancy eating out.